“It is especially at the altar that
we show forth our faith and our love of God.”

– St. Norbert

The liturgy, the public worship of God, is the heart and center of the Catholic faith and the great work of priests, consecrated, and religious. The liturgy is the official prayer of the Church to Jesus, her bridegroom, and a response to God’s call to pray always. Not merely ritual, the liturgy expresses what we believe, how we believe it, and how deeply we believe it. In his own life, St. Norbert was a witness to the prominence of the liturgy, never omitting Mass or the Divine Office. He passed this spirit on to all his sons and daughters in the Norbertine Order. For Norbertine Sisters, the liturgy is even a way to exercise spiritual motherhood. By giving glory to God and interceding for the Church, we open roads to Heaven for our spiritual sons and daughters.